Right Combination

Black and white
Left and right
Dark and light
Two sides in every shade
Need to appreciate both
Take the right combination
In order to keep them balance
For black doesn’t mean bad
For dark doesn’t mean sad


Place to Rest

No matter how rough the journey

At the end of the day

I want to be a place

For you to take a rest

I want to be the one

To be kissed on the forehead

I want to be the one

To stay on your side

In the case

You feel worthless

Or lose your grace

I’ll be the one

To show your worth

Haven’t I told

You mean the world to me

Watch and See

It doesn’t have to be tragic

The story that makes us sick

We can make it fun

And let people laugh around

But then you think I am insane

Just because I like to play in the rain

I don’t know if it makes sense

So, just watch and see

I will grab the chance

And someday

Maybe you’ll be proud of me

Under The Spell

You come in without I realize
Walking through the glass
Don’t know what your purpose
Yet, I like the way we get close
You fill my days with story and laugh
Could you be dangerous?
You seem so gorgeous
Your words are so sincere
And your eyes are so innocence
Thinking, am I under the spell?
Will I give all I have?
Will I open up my heart?
And here I’m thinking
What would happen next?
Should I give this romance a chance?
Or it’ll only be another sad story, ended in a mess?
I can’t tell
Can’t read between the line
I am under the spell
What should I do now?

Move Forward

Stuff has been packed
Ready to start a new path
As the car moves forward
I am looking back
And all the things that left
Become smaller, smaller, and smaller
See them all gone
Faded by the time
As the car moves forward
The past didn’t matter anymore
As the car moves forward
I look ahead
See a new start
And take a new card

Gallery of Memories

Today is a special day
Warmth embraces are spread in the air
Sincere smiles are everywhere
Bring up all the happiness
Coloring the flowers
In the garden of my heart
Capture this moment
Paint it with invisible ink
Frame with white and pink
Save in the gallery of memories
As a reminder
To cheer me up when I am down
To give me power when I fall

Her Youth


Busy lives

Crowded outside

It’s about the show again

A woman is preparing her face

Adding make up as a mask

To entertain and please another

But when she stares at the mirror

She spots a little stain on the face

That can’t be hidden or erased

When she looks deeper into the eyes

She sees her soul is too biased

Every day becomes tough

So heavy in the heart

Try hard to survive

But she forgets the goal

She sacrifices her life

Her time, and her youth

Without even realizing it