Gallery of Memories

Today is a special day
Warmth embraces are spread in the air
Sincere smiles are everywhere
Bring up all the happiness
Coloring the flowers
In the garden of my heart
Capture this moment
Paint it with invisible ink
Frame with white and pink
Save in the gallery of memories
As a reminder
To cheer me up when I am down
To give me power when I fall


14 thoughts on “Gallery of Memories

      1. I see, the garden must be the beautiful pictures of flowers that severally uploaded in your post. Gardening must be fun, I should try it sometimes! :). Btw, what is your favorite plant Krys?

      2. Thank you so for your lovely comments. I love tending nature’s garden and she does reward us with beautiful blooms. I have many favourite flowers…Mecanopsis or Himalayan poppy is one of my favourites…I will post some pictures from the garden soon…take care and keep well and happy πŸ™‚ x

      3. I heard Meconopsis is not an easy plant to grow. Is it the one with the blue color? Yeah, I will be glad to see the pictures in your post, Krys! πŸ™‚

      4. Been busy gardening for other folk and a very busy weekend…hope to catch up with the Blog this week! Always lovely to hear from you…working on a Meconopsis poem right now! Take care… πŸ™‚ x

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