Her Youth


Busy lives

Crowded outside

It’s about the show again

A woman is preparing her face

Adding make up as a mask

To entertain and please another

But when she stares at the mirror

She spots a little stain on the face

That can’t be hidden or erased

When she looks deeper into the eyes

She sees her soul is too biased

Every day becomes tough

So heavy in the heart

Try hard to survive

But she forgets the goal

She sacrifices her life

Her time, and her youth

Without even realizing it


11 thoughts on “Her Youth

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! 🙂 Sometimes we forget to pleasing ourselves and fulfill our purpose because we are too afraid to be left behind or ignored by others. But the bold one always set their ownstandard and act on it no matter what people said, they listen to their intuition. I admire them and want to be like that…

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