Time built trust, shared stories

His prescence gave happiness

Outside world is so wild

I was trembeling, you gave me coat

Singing a lullaby, made me comfort

All of sudden thinking you were the savior

Sweet words and laughter

Words of love were whispered

Soft kiss on the forehead

All was nice and had to stay that way

But then you changed

Stabbed my back so hard

I knocked off my feet

Can’t believe it was you

Now at night

Things lingering on my mind was

“What was my fault?”

“Why did he change?”


Trick :?

It was dark, the music on
The game played, you used the trick again

You knew all my weakness and you attacked it

Overwhelming guilty came, then you had the upper hand

That’s how you got me

And now I see, how ironic it is

Thinking you were my knight

When you were actually the villain

Day by Day

Day by day

I start to see him changing

Feels like he’s not the same anymore

He didn’t care, he didn’t love me like before

It seems like he looked me as alternative not his priority

That’s how I know, he’s not the one I’m looking for

He’s still here but I feel like he’s gone


Not meet, not communicate

How we can stay strong like before

I heard your lies from other people

And I know what they said is true

That’s what hurt me most

I don’t think we need to keep going

I need a man that can keep his words

The one who is faithful and honest

The one that won’t betrayed me