Story of You

As I am leaning on the tree
The leaves fall so suddenly
Then the silence speaks to me
Of the untold story of you
And the tale of the blue



You’ve been out of town, there’s no phone call

I open the door, and the wind blows

Love letter with red rose

I read in this early morning

Can hear your voice

From your sweet handwriting

Our fight while playing the chess

Remind me how we used to kiss

Summer days and the breeze

Remind me about the tree house

As I finish reading your letter

I feel so much better

And I will wait you home

To pick the guitar

And be my star

Strum the string

And start to sing

The song for me, again

Come back home soon, darling

That Journey

 I am losing myself

In journey to winning you

Now you have left

I don’t know what to do

No place to go back

No one to lean on

A heart without a home

Wind up by the storm of feeling

Thought, I may take the right sailing

Now I know it was wrong

Love has blinded my mind

Makes me so naïve

Left me unguarded

I am losing myself

And need to take a ticket

In journey to winning it back

Blue Nature

I’m standing on the shore

Searching for my soul

Which faded in the road

Love it this way

Nothing needs to say

Just me and my solitude

Watching all the blue things

Blue sky and blue sea

Its wide and its deep

The way they move

The water and the cloud

Unseen movement of the wind

When the sun starts to going down

It’s time to go home and sleep

Perfect Girl

Walk softly with grace

The beauty in her face

Warm and gentle

She is so humble

No one can hate her

She is the kind of girl

That can light up the dark

The symbol of the rose

Everybody loves

The angel that lost

In the dark world

All about her, just





The one I can’t compete with

She is like a treat

No matter how I try to please

All I can do just take a seat

Watch you leave

Give her your promise

Maybe she is the one

The perfect girl you want

Color Of You

Your scar and you love

Hidden in the red

Your pain and your hope

Hidden in the blue

Your hate and anger

Hidden in the black

I understand it

But we lost track

Though I take new sight

There is something inside you

I can’t see through

It’s cloudy here

And blue

I can’t always hold you

Maybe someday

You’ll want me too


If you used to be broken

Do you still can fall in love?

If you used to be depressed

Can you still care with others?

If you used to feel hopeless

Can you be finally recovered?

This heart has been so full

Of hate, rage, and anger

I wish that I could clean it up

Make it white

I hope that I can finally feel right

Peace inside


I can’t see the way out

This heart full of doubt

It’s hard to reach out

When you feel like drowning

By the sin and guilty feeling

Hopelessness you used to feel

You’re screaming

But no one hear

You’re crying

But no one see

You’re seems invisible

Even to yourself

If you used to feel sad

Will you always back at that state?




Can I finally feel it?

Should’ve Known

Just close the door

Lying on the floor

The energy is so low

I can’t go with the flow

Let the wind blows

Vanished the memories

Let the sun shines

Burn your stories

Turn the radio on

Escaping your voices

When the rage starts to fade away

I will not stay in your way

It was so biased

I didn’t realize

As I am lying here on the floor

I should’ve known

You always love her

Paint Again

Brush up a new color

Take all my sorrow

Don’t want to be in shadow

It makes me so hollow

This life of mine

Being so shallow

I live every day

Just for a show

When night comes

I feel the terror

From unfulfilled heart

And abandoned self

I feel so detach

Unbearably sad

My dreams are waiting for me

But I haven’t ready for it

The journey I must take

Need much of faith

Something I lack

I’ve been so afraid

Everyone keeps holding me back

Somehow I’ll take the brush

Paint it all over again

With the brighter color

Brighter life

I Wonder

I wonder about you

How are you

I miss you till this day

You always be in my prayers

Sadly, we have not much left things to say

Things come and go that way

Why it was so easy to say goodbye

Whenever I am in the bay

My mind drifting to that day

When we just met

And everything was okay

But you are the man with little faith

And I am the girl with the blank mind

All I knew at that time was enchanted

I wish that I could just forget

                                           Then I would stop looking back

But I know it’s just hopeless hope

Because I know it never work out

I wonder about you

Hope you do just fine

And maybe in time

I will do fine too