Last Birthday

It was my birthday

September 7

Nothing special

Just like another day

Out of blue

He sent me gifts

Big rabbit doll and small rabbit doll

Pink and blue

Along with a bucket of rose flowers

Red and pink

There was an envelope with his handwriting

Filled with the kind of sincere and romantic words

I thought that I may have fallen in love

Never felt that special before

He made my day

He was the first

He was the special one

But today we said goodbye



‚ÄčI used to think that

I meant to be lonely

Search for a way to escape from reality

But you come in happy melody

Distracting me from my destiny

Piece of Memories

I don’t enjoy anything anymore

You took it all along when you’re gone

I never feel this alone before

I cried many times, because it was so hurt

It’s still now

Time didn’t make it fade

It hit me so bad, I’m falling apart

This piece of memories brings rain in my days

Don’t Wait

Walking down the aisle

Coming back into the city

I can still smell your scent

Combine it with that smile, so masculine

I want to run and jump in to you

Hug you so tight, so we won’t let go

But that pretty lady is holding your hand

Realizing me that you’re not mine anymore

I remind my self what past is past

Time to let go, time to move on

Don’t wait for someone that ain’t coming back