All The Doors

By the way, I still miss you

It’s been a long time, isn’t it?

How can I put it in to the words

I don’t even dare to ask how you are

You cut it so badly, dear

I have nothing to say

If you can only see

All the door are opened

If only you come

I will welcome you

It’s impossible for you

not to see

all the doors are opened

But you just don’t

want to come, do you?

I know, no problem

I’m waiting here

not expecting you to come

just want to see

Who will really care at the end


Old Journal

I found the old journals I wrote 3 years ago

I read it all again and was struck by the words

So lively, so energizing

Full of plans and hope

So alive, it made me wonder

What had happened to me 

Now I often feel so low, full of doubt

Those writing kind of reminding me

I can be whatever I want to be

Shut Down

Can’t I have a real friend?

At least for once

Want to have someone to talk to

Why I have to?

Lost and hope

I am nowhere

Lucky me

My sanity still keeps it safe

But sometimes

I just want to shut down

Moment of Celebration

I used to be on my own

One year last

The event in the middle on the way had changed me

To be someone I am not

Now everyone forgets me 

Suddenly I have no one to look up to

Have no name in everyone’s minds

Felt like a star once but then abandoned

It was really challenging

Made you questioning your self worth

But I’m okay

Yes it’s a lonely place 

But hey let’s see

I’m starting to find myself back

I feel the freedom and it’s comfortable to stand on my own for once again

It’s the moment of celebration

To find the peace inside 

Only me and my dream

Night Riding

‚ÄčI enjoy my night riding alone

It’s so pleasant that I forget why I need to feel abandoned

It have been so long not to be on my own

Let all the questions forgotten

I don’t crave the answer anymore

I’m going to forget you until I forget why I need to


Let me wandering

Get away from the crowd

Get lost inside and find my soul

Detach from all the troubles

Too much emotion, messy world

Let’s take the moment, calm down the heart


Because I believe it will happen

Someone someday

Will gonna love me the right way

Will be there without me asking him to stay

To show me how true love is

A kind and sincere connection

Will be there forever