I’m simply just feeling so tired of feeling this way



Today I found myself still digging

It is still bleeding

The memories keep playing back

And I, I can still feel your prescence

How many times I want to reach out

But the gate had been closed

Without any explanation

Without any reasons

It was only some months but 

It takes everything in me to forget you

It hurts and it still

The journey full of regrets

My time, my mind, and my spirit

Why it still been sucking up 

Even when you’ve been gone

You’re like a ghost

Only I can feel your prescence

The brighter future is the only hope

And the reason why I keep moving on

I will remember people who sincerely love me

Without me have to do anything for them

Just like the giving tree who is truly kind

Without being fake

Fake people will get tired 

Using mask they should put off soon

Keep moving on

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving ~Albert Einstein~

Time flies, memories made

Tears fall, tomorrow still comes

Friends come and go

Goodbye and hello

Still living, just keep moving on


For all the good girls whom their heart never get broken before

For all the innocence soul with the light in their eyes

For all the beautiful minds that always have contagious smile

Don’t let anybody fool you in the name of love

Before, I had no idea how many losers out there

They said love but then abused you

They promised you but then broken it

As it was nothing

He meant the whole world to you

When you only meant to be used by him

You don’t have to go downhill like me

You can learn from other people mistakes

I’ve learnt the hard way and you don’t have to

The pain seems won’t go away

But I believe this pain will pass soon

When your heart broken badly

It won’t feel the same anymore


There were times when I feel so deep in my heart

Feeling isolated, detach, out of reach

Unconnected to anyone

Unwilling to communicate

Unmotivated to be kind

Just want to be with myself

Leaving everyone, disappear from this life

Runaway from the memories that hurt me

Forever forget what’s on the past

There’s only me, alone

I hope nothing

For expectation to anyone only bring me down

Yes, just leave me alone, like you always did

I don’t know how long this pain will last

For I know, when my mind wondering

Tears still come out from my eyes

I tell myself to forget, to let go, to leave

But, why?

It’s still so hard for me to changing the way I feel

Leave me alone, I will be gone