Hope and Uncertainty in Daydreaming


Don’t know where my life going to
Not sure, uncertain
Have no preparation
No plan on the hand
Can’t just jump into the rain
Blurring sight
Wondering mind
Sleepless night
Daydreaming time


Brand New

Much to do list on my desk

I go here and there

Done these and those

But all just seems worthless

Just burnout and exhaustion

Then I go outside

Watch the rain falls

Feel the cold air

Washing my brain

Make it feels like a brand new

Blue Valentine


Happy valentine’s day, he said

Chocolate on my hand

And a kiss on my cheek

A big warm hug

A year ago

But now

The magic has disappeared

The feeling

And that kind of love

Has lost

Happy valentine’s day, I said

But you are not here

And it’s raining

Nothing’s gonna be the same anymore

You and Him

He is all the colors I want to be
But you are my melody
His song is full of power
Naughty and playful
The undying energy
But your song is my lullaby
Give me peace
Take me into the sleep
He is the sky full of color
But you are the calm air
Make me feel safe
He is the star that shines above
Beautiful yet so far away
Things I adore
But you are the silent song
Your presence makes me feel complete
Part of me loves you
But another part loves him too