How Can I Be Glad

How can I be glad?
You’re going there and leave
I desperately want you to come back
You shouldn’t never come
If at the end you will only leave
I realize, you are not different with others
Leave me in the rain
You give me another pain
I feel that life already tough

Should I wait for you?
Would you come back?
Will everything just be same like before?
I doubt it will be same
I doubt we’ll be alright like before
I can’t take any step
How can I be glad?

Through the day is so tough now
Day and night turn around
Everything is already here
White house
Red rose garden
The beautiful song is everywhere
But you are not here
I miss you all the time

I am crying, but it won’t help
I feel so tough in my heart
How can I be glad?
How can I through the day?


Dancing in September

The cold of the September comes

Feel the shiver in my heart

Can’t take this alone

Can’t bear the burden

It feels like something is missing

Make me hard to breathe

Feel the hollow in my heart

Feel the hunger in my mind

Something is missing

And it is really, really killing me

I don’t know what to do

If this is really real?

I don’t know how to live

Whenever I wake

I hit by the pain of missing

Or losing

Like I can’t go on

Like I can’t move on

So I will just let the memories guide me back to the past

Dancing in the September

First time our eyes ever met

Take my hand and swept off my feet

Take me in each step

Guide me with your movement

But then I opened my eyes

Realize, you are gone

Why not take me with your step

You go to home, leave me alone

Now I feel lost

You had taken my hand

But then let me fall

Now I feel like half alive

Memories keep playing in my head

I’d cried and screaming all day long

Hope it is not real and you’ll come back

So just let me dancing in the September at that time

Guide me with your step

Just keep holding my hand

Don’t let me live in the rain

Cause I can’t bear the pain

Red Insecure Girl

I am the girl with the red dress
But I have a fear in my head
Something bad happened in the past
Still, I can’t erase that and get rest
Everyday feels insecure
My wound is not totally cured
Like I have no place in this life
Cause the world is already full
Always feel the need to take step back
Cover up myself and hidden in the background
Watching all from a distance
Distance to keep me feel safe
Be invisible, so you won’t get hurt
But I am a girl with the red dress
I should take a brave
Show them myself

Another Daydream

The time when I woke

I already in the castle

Looking outside through the window
What a nice, beautiful scenery
Walking toward the balcony
Feel the fresh air and drink the green tea
Take a bath and dancing with the music
Singing and playing the music
Painting all the meaningful memories
Express the emotion through the words
Filter the things from my point of view

What I actually meant to be

I feel not worthy

And so lonely

Thinking about my life

Seems things are not right

Tears won’t ease the pain

Looking out of the window

Seeing the rain fall
Searching for the chances
I will go to all places
Anywhere I belong to

Empty Morning

When I woke

My head is empty

I don’t want to meet reality

Cause my heart is so weary

But sleeping won’t help a thing

It’s just wasting time

Unproductive way to run away

So again, empty morning

The big deep hole in my heart

How to stop feeling hurt

It is not caused by people

But by myself

Caused by unfulfilled dreams

Try to Live Better

Day by day I learned to live

Caught up my breath

I learned to learn

How to live better

But somehow part of me already hopeless

And another part speak about fearless

It’s life which make me confuse

And the rain I can’t refuse

Summer Day

I love the smell of the summer

The warmth in the air

Small kids running everywhere

Playing on the ground

Smiling and laughing

All the happy day

No one can limit their freedom

Children is always as free as the wind

As plain as the sand

I love these all

But I still need distance

Privacy to feel safe

Evening Scenery

Today the sky is so bright
Such a beautiful day
Yellow, orange, and red
I see those in the sky
From the wood where I stay
And the snow where I stand
Though the snow is falling
The warmth is felt in my heart
Sit in the quiet park
Watching the sky
That’s all I needed
To make myself feel better
To help me forget all the burden
It is beautiful
Such a beautiful scene
If we know how to see it
If we know where to stand
To find the right point of view
It is such a beautiful thing

Wedding Day

Those smiles are so bright
There is so much light
Everyone wears white
So do the brides
They look so right
The man takes the lady’s hand with pride
There is no plan
Everything is just plain
No one in pale
There is no complain
No one feels the pain