Summer Day

Summer day will always be beautiful

There will be warm and light

Smile and laugh

Express all the things inside

Summer day will always be bright

Like promising us for the new start

Help us forget all the past

Summer day can be unforgetable

In a good or a bad way


We always be waiting for summer day



You just try to figure things out

But seems you run out of time

You going here and there, anywhere

Try to seek the answer

You are hopeless

The energy is dried out

Afraid you will never find out

The truth lying down the fact

You are so tired and sad

All you want to do is take a rest

Let it be a flash

I guess I already lost


It’s Tuesday
The first day of the summer this year
Am I going to be a liar?
Pretending that I am someone else
Sometimes I really wish I were somebody else
As if I really hate to be myself
I don’t know
Everybody like the show
And I just go with the flow
But sometimes it makes us feel low
It is Tuesday when I was born into this life
And it was a rainy day
That is what people told


The time comes so fast
It almost feels like a crash
Or it is just a memory in flash
A good time when you wish it will never last
Cause it makes you feel so fresh
The time comes so fast
Makes the future be this moment
And this moment becomes a pass
Remember to always keep a track in time
Cause it will come so fast

Look at The Sky

Look at the sky
It is cloudy today
But who cares about it?
As long as it is not raining
Cause everyone is too busy
Busier than the busy bees
Look at the sky
Day by day passed by
Without a change, feel just like the old same day
We are not growing, we are freezing
Cause we don’t take time to think
Feels like we always run out of time
I look at the sky
They always change
They say we are fools dreamers
Wasting our time for nothing
But maybe we can see what they don’t