When you are so sad
And you’re broken into tears
And no one hears a thing
It’s so heavy on your heart
So hard to breathe
Your mind feels like a mess
But you can’t tell them
Cause they would likely tell that you are insane
You can’t think well
You going alone in this cold path
You close the door
And you turn off the lamp
You shut down your phone
And you take your blanket
Sleep under there
Your mind wandering and your tears won’t stop
You just want to fall into sleep and never awake
At least in this same state
But hours have passed
And you are awake
But you still feel the same
Tired and frustrated
You just want to sleep again
Because you don’t know anymore how to stop the pain
But…. you’re too tired
So you open the window and let the wind come in
Let the snow fill the room
And you write it down on paper
Then let the wind wash your tears
The voice inside tells you
You’re gonna be alright




I see moon up there
In the really dark night
It’s Sunday
I am alone in my room
I read story about anything
Love story, mystery, and adventure
Like I haven’t owned my living
I see the moon and the shaking trees
The wind was too strong, I can’t take the flight immediately
But I am a stubborn blackheaded girl
I wear the witch’s hat, and all items in black
I made friend with the crows and take flight every night
Usually flow with the wind in the dark skies
Through the window, I see people
Dancing, talking, sleeping
In a happy ending, yellow light room
But I sit on the branch of tress
Watching them all, thinking
Writing about how I am so lonely here

Let Go


To let go, what used to be yours
Like give, the most of your favorite gifts
But it has to be that way
And there’s something so sad about it
Shouldn’t hold back
Shouldn’t look back
Don’t think what it could be
Just let it go with the wind

Grown Up


When you’re young
And all alone
You think how to get along
But when you’re grown up
And have so many friends
You wonder which one
Who will still be friend
When all is gone and leave you alone

Night Sky


I don’t why
But I love to look at the sky
Especially night sky
They think I am being depressed
Or self absorbed, lock myself in
Don’t know, am I really that way
But I can’t deny
How much it gives me joy
Help me resilient in dark days

Forgotten Soul


Tell your story
With the melody
The dancing wind
The shaking grass
Will listen to you
Ease your weary heart
Relieve your feeling
I will tell my story
Singing my song
With this guitar of yours
The gift you gave
On my 18th birthday
And I’ll tell you
How I miss you
Forgotten soul

Write It All Here


I write it all here
Things that exciting
Things that heartbreaking
Pen and book
A cup of warm green tea
The yellow twilight sky
Quiet moment
I write it all here
With open heart
Sometimes it’s tears
Sometimes it’s a smile
I write it all here
Save this story of mine
In this grey little journal

Comfortable Mess


Beautiful dress
Comfortable mess
Look out through the window
Try to calming the soul
Watch people, learning
Daydreaming, exploring
Get lost and then bargaining
Dancing and singing
Don’t care what people think
Just want to be happy
Do what might feel right for me
Maybe they think I am being lazy
Let them be
I love to spent time here

Clear Up


Too much voice
Too much noise
I am too tired
Just want to take a rest
Look at the sky
And say nothing
Just want to clear up
The mess inside