Can’t Reveal

It’s a big mystery
I can’t reveal
It may feel
Like misery
While beyond pain
There’s the secret sign
But we most often blind
By the emotion bind
Beyond manipulation
Under the illusion
Through different glasses
We only see
What we want to believe
It’s a big mystery
I can’t reveal


Purple Lilac

Small city, big space
Purple lilac in the vase
Reminds me of his face
I was on my white dress
When he said 
“You’re beautiful like a red rose”
And I thought, am I?
He said “I will love you forever”
And I thought, will you?
Day pass, people grows
Time turns, people changes
So does this feeling
If the euphoria is gone
And the high turns to low
Will he still say forever?
Can we get happily ever after?
It’s not easy to believe
People touch and go
So does the love

Young Mother

A song was sung by birds
In the random rhythm
Young mother gave a birth
In the cold weather
Alone and vulnerable
That was how people see her
But I saw her flaming hope
Through her gray window
Radiance of her strong soul
She might have left, abandoned
But the baby gave her a reason
To survive and to hold on
The baby gave her power
To fight in the dark world
That song with random rhythm
Now shown its hidden pattern
That makes the song beautiful

When The Sun

When the sun is down
And the rain comes
I fly to the dreamland
In there, I meet a man
With his contagious smile
That make me melt
He shows me
Awesome things
How to be happy
Even when you’re weary
And when we hug
His arms are strong
Like the home
Make me feel safe
And comfortable
When the sun is down
And the rain comes
All the misery is gone


A cup of warm drink in the evening
A book of fantasy or dreams on the bed
Hearing favorite songs before sleep
Don’t need to turn off the lamp
Favorite things are scattered all around
Ask me to have some fun
Today is a holiday, let’s take a break

A Tale Of Two Girls II

Tears drop into the ground
Closed eyes, ease the pain
The voice speaks in shivering tone
You know why we shouldn’t stay there
We’re not the sweet little girl, everybody loves
We’re just the little monster, people want to get rid of
Our presence made them unhappy
Because we raised in a broken family
Our heart is used to be broken
Though we try to fix things
Unseen things still slip of our hand
We stuck at this point again
And we, we don’t know how to mend

A Tale Of Two Girls

The storm was finally gone
Thunder and lightning
Slowly faded
The fog had lifted
Then there were
Two little girl
Eight and nine
Red and brunette
Went into the wood
Turn left to the south
They don’t like each other
But bounded with the same blood
And got the same problems
So this time they were friends

Our Map

Lying down on the yard 
Smelling lilacs in the air
The night sky is our map
The milky way is our path
Every stars are our dreams
Will turn them into reality
So everyone can see
How beautiful our dream is
No doubt, just work hard
Keep believing, we can’t give up
Then, when night comes
We check out our map
No one knows but us
We’re painting future up there