I am drowning in the cold air
Can’t breathe, can’t help my own self
I am not myself lately, not even today
I stop writing, I stop reading
I don’t like anything anymore



I don’t realize what happen between us
Things turn so fast, today’ll just be another past
I don’t know what is wrong
I don’t know what is going on
All I know I am hurt
I am sorry for things I can’t give
I am sorry for things I can’t fix
Should I say I’ve tried my best to make you understand?
Or am I just another selfish woman to think about it?
You don’t know my deal, it’s not easy to come at this point
I feel you let go my hand and I am falling
I don’t ask you to be responsible for what I feel
It’s just so disappointing to see all these things break in pieces
We have nothing for real
That’s why I always ask for friendship
It’s a kind of bond that won’t die by time