On My Own

I’ve seen many wonders happened

No curiosity left your wondering mind

Envy is sneaking around the insecure soul

I’ve been there for many times

It’s not fun at all

Let me feel the peace

Don’t compare me with anyone else

Or better off, leaving me alone

I’m always on my own by the way



Too focus on the scar inside

Didn’t realize time has passed

Why dealing with the pass for too long

Get a life, living now

For present will be the pass

There’s nothing we can do about it

Time will run out, always

The clock is always ticking

It’s something out of our control

Choose to make a memory that will make you happy

Don’t enjoy the burden, focus on what you want

Be kind. Be happy. Life is not forever

Celebrate it. Don’t take it for granted

Show your gratitude

Let’s change for the better

Now is the time for revolution

Never Walk Alone

Smile, touch

Laughters, shared dreams

It was all about us

Promises, trust

Faith, betrayed

Lost, breaking down

Who’s gonna hold your hand?

Just don’t put your hope on the feather

Not again

For it can’t bear their own weight

But remember

You never walk alone


Maybe it has to be that way

Feeling numb for some days

Before it’s getting okay

It’s over but there’s still many traces on the floor

And sometimes I still found myself

Reminiscing the old good days

But I’m okay

I’m going to be great

I just need time to be on my own

Dream Land

It’s cool to keep playing cool and untouchable

But I feel lonelier than ever after that

Crying by my own self is still the ritual

Being true to self is still the hardest part

The most honest people is the kid

Because they haven’t learn how to lie

I love them by the heart

Apart of me want to be forever a kid

Go to the neverland or disneyland

Living the dream life


Tonight in the memory land

I took a walk that I don’t want to remember


Without a reason, without a purpose

It reappeared again in my mind

The regret and the questions 

Still leave me hanging

Still leave me asking

Nagging me

But I said it many times before

I’ve done

Maybe bad things happen so you can learn

Maybe it got hurt so you can grow

Anyway the sadden thing is not betrayed by other

But betrayed by your ownself

I’ve seen myself trying to heal this wound

But the next days I saw it started all over again

Stabbing my scar, open up the wound

Digging again, trying to find the answer

Then wondering, why it still matters?

Why it’s still hard to let go?

I don’t even sure, is it mental disorder?

Or just the lack of integrity, lack of discipline

I may not live long enough to think for these unnecessary things

Count things that matter

Learn to make your own miracle

I’ve done

There was a feeling which is hard to be described because I can’t verbalize it, too overwhelming. It was sad and still hurt, writing it down meant that I’ve to take the journey to the memory land for once again. 

Today, I read the writing that can speak up my feeling very well, like a perfect fit. So I write this poem back to whom the writing always inspires me. I believe she will become wiser and wiser everyday because she always reflect inside

After it passed then I finally realized

It was over but it wasn’t love 

And sadly it was never

It was a delusion

Made up in my mind

At that time, everyhing was beautiful

Remember it now, I feel like a fool

I’ve damaged my self for too much

Regreting is never about losing you

It’s about betraying my own self

I hope it’s okay now

Because I stop digging the hole

I’ve done

I’ve learnt