Break The Chain

Let the sky be cloudy
Or the birds fly in a hurry
Try to make sense
But it only makes her upset
She falls in the same hole
Kind of stupid or dumb
Or just plain
To rehearse the story all over again
And you must be kind of sick
To hear her cries and stay in the rain
She is weary, too
But it’s haunting her
Follow her everywhere
Slam her
Punch her
Choke her
The memories will stay forever
Until it’s hard to breathe
Until it’s hard to live
She can’t help herself
She can’t break the chain
But is she a surrender?



When the leaves fall with the flow
In the air of summer time
It’s the moment
I always remember
As a free day
When the hands are up to the sky
Body free to dance with the shaking grass
Then the voice is free to speak up
Singing what’s inside
It’s the happiest day
Sign of contentment and peace
I’ll always miss
Though they say life isn’t a fairy tale
I still wish for a happy ever after in this life

Time to Forgive

The one you called best friend

Had been the one

Who turned you down

Like being stabbed in your back

Or being slammed in your face

 You realized

The joke was on you

And nothing left

But the hate

And anger

Nothing was matter

You kept going through

Sometimes the memories played back

The place that usually been filled

Now empty

Those little memories

When you both shared tears and laughter

Just won’t be easy to forget

And in your quiet day

Sometimes you wonder

Why did she change that way?

Why did she become so mean?

You’ve been grown up together

All of sudden

You missed her

To share stories

To forgive each other

In your spare time

You wondered

Why you left her all alone

After the rage was gone

Now you feel sorry for her

And try to fix the problem