Be Honest

Can I figure it out?

Let me run and fly

Jump and fall free 

But never broken

Let me sing in the voice that everyone can hear

Let me sing a word that tell my story

Sing my heart out

Do you mind telling me your name?

Do you even know my real name?

Is it even matter?

What if I am telling you my dreams?

Do you have the same dreams?

I want to scream out loud, burn my energy

Breaking in to the tears and let the weight leave me alone

Let me claim myself, let the happiness comes in to my life

To be honest, I don’t want to get lost forever



Smile, let me feel ease in my heart

Dancing around, let me celebrate this day

I am free now

Break free from the jail, not your prisoner anymore

I can shake it off, grow again after been death for so long

No need for your permission, which always been so unreasonable

I even can hear my own voice now

And you can’t put me down

I take back the power

Melancholic Friday

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote in here

Today’s a melancholic Friday

The memories rushed, the feelings came

And I feel the warmth in my heart

All the stories that left behind

Some to be kept and to be remembered

Some stories better to be left that way, untouched

And I miss those times when I clueless

Sharing laugh and tears all together with my besties

We hated those hard time

But now looking back, we did grow stronger

Never thought I’m gonna miss that moment

It’s a beautiful piece to be saved in the memories land

To be played back when you feel a little bit cold outside

All kindness, all loves, and all the connections we formed

Give the sense of strong feeling

Now I remember the way back home

And I feel loved

 Thanks for all the people that always be there for me

To remind me that I have it, that I worth it

I feel it, happiness


This Present

Happiness, dream

Emotion, opinion

Different word said

Confusion came in

Doubt always stay

Fear appears

Worry that I am unable to be happy

What if tomorrow never comes?

All I have is this moment

This present