I hope I can be healthy soon

So I don’t need to be trapped in this room

It’s so unpleasant

To stuck when you ought to run

It’s sad to be powerless

And be so dependent on people

Cause no one really care with  you

Like you do




Maybe I should start this as a confession
Or revelation
Of how sorry I am
About bad things I’ve done
I guess I am too long gone
And maybe I’ve said it many times before
But this time it’s taking a toll
It hit me so bad
Until it broke my bone
I regret, so much regret
I won’t wish
I can undo this
I wish I can make up
Of these messes I’ve made

Rushes in Hours

train 2

I am losing ground

Too much sound

Everybody walks in fast motion

Rushes in station

As if they really know what they’re doing

Sure where they’re going

But I am lost

Losing the passion to play a game

Feel like a ghost

Please, don’t ask me any question

There’s nothing I can answer

I just want to enjoy this moment

A Cup of Happiness


Buy me a cup of happiness

I long not get it and forget how it tastes

Buy me a smile

I lost it some years ago in the middle of a busy life

Show me how to live a life passionately

I can’t feel the excitement anymore

Trap in the sadness that grow even stronger

Do you mind to buy me

A cup of happiness?