All I know I don’t like┬áto be in here

All I know is I need a new start

So I gonna runaway

Prepare the plan

It will change all

And nothing gonna be the same

Cause we found nothing to figure out

So better we runaway

It is the way out

We need to go out of this mess


I can

I can write, I can sing

I can be whatever I want to be

I can dance, I can draw

I can go with whatever flow

I can playing the guitar

All night long and won’t get bored

I can look at the stars

All night long and make up my soul


Tears coming down my face

Whenever I see those eyes

A couple of window which show

How fragile their soul

And I just know

I am with the same boat with them

And I hate it

To feel weak and hopeless

To let our lives turn to be whatever they might be

Like we can’t change anything

Like we have no power


Standing high on the hill

Be stand still with the wind

I can be what I want to be

I am free

Staring straight to the sky

There is no need to feel shy

To say what I want to be

Cause this is me

And I want to live my life fully

Sitting in the silince

Reflecting back to the wallflower

Take a lesson

And going straight to next path life



That is what I always want to feel

Tell me what I need to be

Tell me how to feel happy

Cause all I feel inside is empty

And it is killing me

Tell me how to stop the pain

So I don’t need to feel sad

I feel so bad


Where I can find you