How you define it?

Different people

Different answer

People never be exactly the same

Even one person always changes their mind

Just like the water, we never be solid

We go, we grow

We learn, we change

Different life

Different value

I think when I grow up

I can finally figure it out

Now I am already an adult

But it’s still gloomy on my head

Maybe I ask for too much

Maybe I go in the wrong direction

Don’t know exactly why

But it doesn’t feel right

The pathway I walk on now


Graduation Day

Graduation day

How you suppose to feel?

Should you be happy

That you finally complete your degree

Or should you worry

That you’ll get more responsibility

But whatever it is

Everything we’ve been through

Take us to the higher place

The lesson of experience

Better understanding of self

Stolen Time

Your time is stolen

There is no fun anymore

Don’t know why

There are so many tasks

A dictated life

You can’t even take a rest

Even when you close your eyes

You can’t escape


Sorrow words written
Nothing needs to say
The story is mine
You can’t understand
It is so heavy on my heart
Don’t know why, it feels so hard
I can’t never fit the frame
No matter how hard you punish me
It takes a lot to keep holding on
Like running in never ending race
I run out of breath
Like standing on the shore
I almost fall
Sorrow words written
On the book of mine
Is the only place I can be me

A Hope

A hope is like

A little flame

That lay on your heart

Which tell you to never give up

Though it is hard

And nothing seems to go right

You just want to lie down

And said “oh…whatever” to the world

Like you have no intention to care anymore

Apathy state

But that little flame

Tells you to stay on

Don’t step back

And keep going on

Eyes and ears open

These things will work out

You just need to believe

And keep the faith

I always think

Hope is like

A seed

You can kill it


You can grow it

Try Too Hard

Picks the mirror
Look at the face
Make a smile
A big laugh
Let’s have some fun
Relaxing all the tension
Share all the jokes
We need to be happy
We need to feel fulfilled
Don’t we?
When the energy run out
We can’t pretend anymore
Did I try too hard
To feel happy
That I miss
The essential point?

Blank Paper

Blank paper

On my table

I write it down here

About things that matter

Try to figure out something

And make my head clear

But the emotion shifts

And the memories reappear

So rapidly, that I can’t track it down

The sky is cloudy again

And the fog just won’t go away

Recaptured The Time

She can’t never recaptured the time

That has been slipped out of her hand

And she won’t pretend that it is fine

Because she is struggling with the quicksand

Nothing she can do but keep moving

Move, move, move

No time to look back

Though it’s heavy and sad

And it’s hard to breathe

She keeps going on

Running with the high speed feet

In hope she will make it in time

Then there’ll be no another regret