Eyes wide open

Heart beats faster

All of sudden

I’m in love again



Unspoken words

Too much hesitant

Afraid of criticism

Once in a lifetime

You just want to be

Fearless and carefree

Thought of Sunday

How are you all? Hope things going well

I have many stories to tell since the last time I wrote. Even too many, I run out of words and my memories collapse. The sad thing is I can’t even tell the simplest stories.

Often times it happens this way, my mind paralyzed my action. My ideas overwhelm my body. My stories beat up my words. In the end, I am doing nothing and stuck in the same points. So I think to myself how could I grow?

What about you? What troubles do you meet frequently which inhibit your growth and how you know you are growing and moving toward your destiny?


There is a kind of feeling

Which is staying but often get unnoticed

The moment when you celebrate your alone time

The freedom in your hand

The moment when you want to fly

But the doubt sneaking inside

The tears fall out when

You let your dream dying inside

Why not dying trying to make dreams come true?

A Thought

It didn’t hurt anymore because it didn’t matter. Overtime, that thing I don’t wanna remember become meaningless. Nothing worthy in there. I am trying to achieve my dreams, and what it hurts is when I feel my dreams so far away. I always know i wanna be a bigger people. My dream is bigger than marriage and marriage didn’t equal achievement

Now I See

It is funny when
I look back and see
there are many things I don’t understand before
Now I know how Peter Pan felt
about fear of growing up,
about the sadness that sneaks out inside
when looking into the window
of the kids that growing up
Feeling left behind
Everyone says you are wrong
You are unrealistic and insane
So you better went to your dreamland
Yours made up imagination
Where you shelter in your isolation
At some point, you feel lonely and hope someone will join you
So you can have fun together
But no one comes
You still don’t want to let them be right
So you fly with your magic dust and those happy thoughts
Teasing all human walking on earth
You are free but at the same time not belong to anywhere
You are happy but at the same time sad and lonely
Now I understand perfectly well why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up
why Mulan went to the war

Cloudy Mind

What can fill your emptiness?
When you feel so hollow inside
Your mind goes blank
You can’t remember time
Your mind wonder
Makes your feet take you
No destiny
Just an empty space
Undefined states
Tears can’t clear the sight
Think can’t help the cloudy mind
So what else there to help you?