Time’s up

I wear out

little by little

every time the clock ticks,

I don’t know until when

I could hold on

gotta be strong

gotta be strong again

but then

I walked in the circle

No help for grown up


and so

I am gone

Return Home

So I’ve been gone lately

Disappeared for more than weeks

I think even more than a year

Laughs and tears

Been running and jumping

Dating and dancing

Tasted life and tried so many new things

To pack your bag and just go traveling

To smile and sing

To feel the wind

And trust your gut

Is this love?

He learned the language just so he can understand me better

He showed me the fantastic scenery just so I know how beautiful the world is

He celebrates my birthday every year just so I remember the day I was born is special no matter how old I am

And voice inside my head is asking

Is this love?


I wish you know how I felt that day
Face full of tears
Crying without reason
Feeling broken
My room was dark
All windows were closed
Eyes were staring to the empty space
My mind was wandering
My soul was searching
My body was freezing
I didn’t feel alive
But now, now I feel better
So much better
My heart is full of gratitude
I think I grow a little bit
From the pain, I felt in the past



A clock on my wrist

I saw its needle was moving

I heard it was ticking

Time is priceless, isn’t?

Then why you left me stranded?

The voice inside my head keeps whispering

Reach me out before I disappear

The time is running out




Tonight I feel a little bit lonely

No ideas what to do

Romantic stories are nice to read

But why I am still lonely

Sometimes I want to say I miss you

But I don’t even know whom I should say to

I have no lover

My heart feels cold and lonely