Free Fall

Sometimes I feel the urge to runaway

To disappear from my life

Sometimes I feel unbearable sadness

I wish I could drowning and stoping the pain

Sometimes I want to jump to the deep sea

And see

What will happen next

Will it be the scene for my ending

Could there’ll be someone to save me

Although I know I could be strong by my own

But sometimes


I just want to free fall and never come back



Do you feel the same if I am happy?

Then just let me go

Don’t you know

You are the one causing me unhappiness

Your presence gives me depression

Your force makes me tremble

Your kingdom needs me to walk with chain on my foot

Lock me out of the dreams I meant to be

Your power over me

Intimidation is your key

That pattern can not win my heart

Don’t You

Don’t you get tired
playing the same old movies in your head
then the old picture just keep flashing back
Because I do
Why don’t you
let me enjoy a new story
where hopes and dreams become reality

Take Me to The Place

Take me to the place I’ve never been

Tell me the stories I never hear

Better choose the good one

Then sing me lullaby

At this vulnerable times

I feel so fragile

And I need someone while I have no one

I guess I need to get used to being alone

Shut my self off and

just bring this heavy broken pieces on my shoulder

Save all the hopes in my prayer


Didn’t Matter

When you rarely be heard

You’ll get used to do things on your own

Then be aloof to your environment

Because you realize that all the efforts to get attention just….

… didn’t matter

You would just say, whatever





What’s your opinion?