Didn’t Matter

When you rarely be heard

You’ll get used to do things on your own

Then be aloof to your environment

Because you realize that all the efforts to get attention just….

… didn’t matter

You would just say, whatever





What’s your opinion?


The Fall and The Rise

I knew you

I saw you

In the dreams

You, ghost, memories

Reappeared and disappeared again

My sanity, the future, and the passion

This tangled feeling, still confusing

The question marks that still haven’t got an answer

Still trying to find the meaning of this gift

In between the fall and the rise

I’m still trying to find the light

Right and White

Fate will bring us together

In our up and down moment

Nourish each other soul

Make our heart stronger

We’ve been through our worst downfall

Once, when we believed in someone wrong who made us feel so low

So this time, we want it to be right and white

Happy Birthday

Have been living for 24 years

What have you learnt?

Do you enjoy your life

Let’s celebrate this moment

Take time to pray for a better future

And let me say

Happy birthday for all people

Who celebrate the same birthday with me

Wish you will always be health and happy 😄😄❤️


Overwhelming by

Irresponsible people

Who put their weight on you

Tired by

Powerlessness on their display

Force you to take their responsiblity

Try to ignore it?

It only leave you feeling guilty

At the end of the day

Just before I fall asleep

Often I wonder

When will my life begin