I know it will be nice to have someone to lean on

Especially when you feel down

But it’s not all that bad to be alone

It’s a sign of total freedom


Same Old Story

It’s shiny outside

But I feel empty in my heart

It’s about to rain again

The future seems so bright

Then it becomes so blur

I don’t understand anything about you

I am tired to say goodbye again

We’ve done it a dozen times before

But all the ways just lead me back to you

I don’t know, do you feel the same too?

I knew we’re about getting tired of the same old story

But now and then, I always say

I just can’t let you go


It felt like lost

When I question 

every path I’ve taken


When my mind thoughtlessly

thinking about you

I knew that we are about to

going down


we keep playing dumb

We are naive

to think we can win

against the world

Asking to The Air

In my sleepless night

My mind wondering

Asking to the air

If he did love me

Why he leave me like I am nothing

If he did care

Why he didn’t even call

He said he can’t see me cry

It made he feel guilty

What he never know is

He’s the reason for my tears falling down

When he said goodbye

He already let me fall


This’s the feeling that comes 

When you know no one can be trusted

And you don’t want to take a risk

To get hurt anymore

Because you’ve been there before

So many times

And you were the only one

Who felt the lost

End with Goodbye

Fate brought two strangers together

He caught my eyes and thought I was the one

He came whenever it was raining in my sky

Made me strong somehow

That’s how he stole my heart

He took my hand and we fall together

But I jumped before I prepared

That’s how I got hurt

No matter how reckless we are

And how we try to ignore the world

We know our story will always end

With goodbye