A Letter to A Friend

When I am down

Please, always remind me

That I’ll be okay

No matter how break, I am

Please, always tell

I’ll be okay again

And when the rain falls too heavy

That I think I can’t go on anymore

Remind me that I’ve been through the worst

Though I said I am strong enough

I still need someone to lean on

Much gratitude for me

To have you as my friend


The Birds

He always knows how much I admire the birds

The only creature who can fly

Who can blend with the sky

Go anywhere

Fly as high as you want

Sing a song

Go with the wind

A freedom I always dream of

Though maybe it’s not that beautiful as I imagine

I still admire them


Forget, forget, forget

I wish I could forget this feeling

Don’t reach me out

I don’t like to be known

I am a wanderer

Easy come, easy go

You don’t have to know me

My heart is easily touched

When you reach out

I am afraid I will lose you

Because I have thantophobia



When winter comes

I reflect myself in the frozen river

Have been long not see this face

Not feeling like myself for too long

It’s strange to finally meet again

Hi stranger!