Last Presence

There’s something about me
that you just can’t understand

I don’t expect you to

It was just still too heartbreaking

To accept the fact of what had happened

of what you did when I gave my all

But I ain’t gonna deny it

Not gonna re-live the pain

Let what have been in the past stay that way

But why sometimes it’s haunting me again

It seems I still can’t deal with it

Feeling and memories mixed inside

Turn on the turmoil of your last presence

I never hear any explanations

No sincere words of forgiveness like you did before

Not even a goodbye

You just disappeared like I never did appear in your life

I try to ignore the inside question asking why

Because I just can’t explain the reason

There was no explanation

It was like you slammed the door in my face 

When I stood there right in front of your place

And I desperately banged my head off the door

Wish you will open it but you just disappeared

Why it had to be so sadden

Why I let myself fall for someone as cruel as you

Set me free from all this suffering

Break me free from all this burden

Stop torturing me


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