Tonight in the memory land

I took a walk that I don’t want to remember


Without a reason, without a purpose

It reappeared again in my mind

The regret and the questions 

Still leave me hanging

Still leave me asking

Nagging me

But I said it many times before

I’ve done

Maybe bad things happen so you can learn

Maybe it got hurt so you can grow

Anyway the sadden thing is not betrayed by other

But betrayed by your ownself

I’ve seen myself trying to heal this wound

But the next days I saw it started all over again

Stabbing my scar, open up the wound

Digging again, trying to find the answer

Then wondering, why it still matters?

Why it’s still hard to let go?

I don’t even sure, is it mental disorder?

Or just the lack of integrity, lack of discipline

I may not live long enough to think for these unnecessary things

Count things that matter

Learn to make your own miracle


5 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. The past can only hurt us if we let it. We can all make our own magic in life, we are our best magicians. Your smile is your greatest power, turn it on and that’s the start to your brighter day. 😁🎼

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