I’ve done

There was a feeling which is hard to be described because I can’t verbalize it, too overwhelming. It was sad and still hurt, writing it down meant that I’ve to take the journey to the memory land for once again. 

Today, I read the writing that can speak up my feeling very well, like a perfect fit. So I write this poem back to whom the writing always inspires me. I believe she will become wiser and wiser everyday because she always reflect inside

After it passed then I finally realized

It was over but it wasn’t love 

And sadly it was never

It was a delusion

Made up in my mind

At that time, everyhing was beautiful

Remember it now, I feel like a fool

I’ve damaged my self for too much

Regreting is never about losing you

It’s about betraying my own self

I hope it’s okay now

Because I stop digging the hole

I’ve done

I’ve learnt


8 thoughts on “I’ve done

      1. I can really relate… just opened wp… sorry for the late reply… ❤❤❤ thank you so much ❤❤❤ be well 😊😊

  1. How can one keep living the dream when they are still asleep? Once you clear the illusion, reality becomes so clear. This was a wonderful write. 🌷

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