For all the good girls whom their heart never get broken before

For all the innocence soul with the light in their eyes

For all the beautiful minds that always have contagious smile

Don’t let anybody fool you in the name of love

Before, I had no idea how many losers out there

They said love but then abused you

They promised you but then broken it

As it was nothing

He meant the whole world to you

When you only meant to be used by him

You don’t have to go downhill like me

You can learn from other people mistakes

I’ve learnt the hard way and you don’t have to

The pain seems won’t go away

But I believe this pain will pass soon

When your heart broken badly

It won’t feel the same anymore


8 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. The healing starts when the hurting stops, it’s not easy but it’s possible….trust me. Once you learn the hard way, every lesson comes easy and it’ll hurt no more. Let us heal together beautiful. Heart break happens to everyone……you’ll be fine, you have us.

    1. I hope so but I always relapse. It’s like I can act like I am okay but then I will feel the pain. It’s just the feeling won’t go away. I am tired to feel that way, hurt and emptiness

      1. Relapsing is part of the process but that will relapse too. I learn that it will only hurt more when you pretend it hurts no more. If I hurt my right arm, I pinch my left arm to take my mind off the pain of my right arm. 😁. That means a new friend can make me forget a bad one, just like a good book can make a bad one forgotten. This is your library.πŸ™‚. Don’t be tired beautiful, the hurt and emptiness shouldn’t be felt because that’s what you finally got rid of. Smile lovely……..we’re here.

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