The Last Chance

What can pay back my stupidity?

The high was not worth the pain

When the regret was the only thing that left

Victimized my ownself

Now I take back the power

My responsibility that I put on someone else’s hand

Someone so reckless that treat me like a garbage

Yes I regret, not because I was losing you 

But because I let you made me broken

I should treasure myself more

Why should I stay for someone that only want to see me cry

Now I see, he is sick mentally

Uncapable to loving sincerely

What I was hoping for?

For him to changing?

Who am I kidding?

We’ve broken, there’s no point putting back the pieces

It will only hurt more

That’s it

The last chance for you

It was ended that way

I’ve tried my best

But then I see you not worth my pain

Nothing left

There is nothing I can do

You ended it that way

You are gone forever

I have no choice but to move forward

You’ve passed away to me


7 thoughts on “The Last Chance

    1. That’s right but I relapse many times. That’s what I regret the most, my stupidity. Unconsciously my self walking the same path I used to, although I know it will only hurt me. But now I’ve burned the bridge, so there’s no way back. I’ve no choice but to move forward. It’s hurt now but it’s better of this way

  1. It wasn’t stupidity, it was the last chance, that’s all. What matters now is that you’re ready to move on. The best way to forget s bad book is to read a good book. There’s a lot of hands walking to the library.πŸ™‚

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