Took for Granted

Things turn too fast, no time to reflect

Things were fine and fun before

Before it turned out to be bitter and sad

He was kind before he took me for granted

Now I feel like don’t know who he is anymore


18 thoughts on “Took for Granted

      1. i dont know same thoughts from my oex too..may be the more i give freedom she expected too much not even 1min i cant go to bathroom..if i just got delay a messgae goneeee

      2. Hey I am a girl and I feel the same too toward the boys hahaha…. understanding people can be too hard. That’s why sometimes the relationship just didn’t work out

      3. I mean in relationship sometimes things is not that simple as you said “you are nice then..he must be rude then”. It’s always same on both sides. We can’t blame them. Lol hahaha… Have a nice day, friend!! 😀

      4. We don’t know each other but I am glad to talk to you. I feel ease to connect with someone who’ve been through the same story 🙂

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