Day by Day

Day by day

I start to see him changing

Feels like he’s not the same anymore

He didn’t care, he didn’t love me like before

It seems like he looked me as alternative not his priority

That’s how I know, he’s not the one I’m looking for

He’s still here but I feel like he’s gone


9 thoughts on “Day by Day

      1. Yea, but i think girls expect a lot day by day..if a guy dont change at will be boring..if he gives a freedom then it might turn their hair haha

      2. I don’t know girls think that way. But for me I don’t expect anything for him. I want him to stay the same like before and it won’t be hahaha😅

      3. yea..but we are like when we get serious things in life we forget to give the same attention every moment..

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