When you are so sad
And you’re broken into tears
And no one hears a thing
It’s so heavy on your heart
So hard to breathe
Your mind feels like a mess
But you can’t tell them
Cause they would likely tell that you are insane
You can’t think well
You going alone in this cold path
You close the door
And you turn off the lamp
You shut down your phone
And you take your blanket
Sleep under there
Your mind wandering and your tears won’t stop
You just want to fall into sleep and never awake
At least in this same state
But hours have passed
And you are awake
But you still feel the same
Tired and frustrated
You just want to sleep again
Because you don’t know anymore how to stop the pain
But…. you’re too tired
So you open the window and let the wind come in
Let the snow fill the room
And you write it down on paper
Then let the wind wash your tears
The voice inside tells you
You’re gonna be alright


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