Days with The Smile

I take the book
Turn the page on
To my favorite one
But I just feel numb
The excitement that use to come along has gone
I take the guitar
Sing an inspiring song
But I feel nothing
I put the recorder on
Play back the video of my special moment
I don’t know who she is anymore
I feel totally stranger to myself
I feel fall in to the deep hole and lost
Can’t figure out where I am going to
I’m missing something I don’t know what it is
I talked to my family
I called my best friends
But as I was talking, they just felt so far away
Can’t really say what I feel inside
I feel my heart is shattered
And my mind tells that I’m dying
I should be strong
I shouldn’t be vulnerable
But there are times
So many times
I feel the burden too heavy
I don’t think I can hold on and back up myself
I miss the happy days
Where I can talk and be honest
About things I feel without need to pretend
Someone who won’t judge me
For my vulnerability
Days with the smile
The fresh air and the light blue sky
I miss it
Days when things are easy
When I can cry and my mom will hug me to keep me steady
And she will say that I will be okay
Days with a smile and happy kind heart


8 thoughts on “Days with The Smile

  1. …so much sadness here my friend…We all have days where things are so difficult and feel like a burden and it has been a long Winter. I felt that nothing seems to fill that hole in your heart at the moment…lovely words, take good care.

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