Empty Road


Only me
Looking at street
Waiting you
To come here
But it’s just an empty road
I keep telling myself you’ll be home baby
But you are not
I keep faith in you and denying my frightening soul
Which said
You will not come
No matter how long I wait
Dust in the air
Tears in my hand
I let my heart tear up
Why do I let myself bleed?
It hurts so much
After those sweet night
You made me feel so special
Feel like the only one
Just me, no need to pretend
In September
You have made me believe
I can be whatever I want to be
But in January
You have changed baby
You are not same like before
You have turned your cold shoulder over me
It shouldn’t affect me
I should’ve still stood tall
Somehow I can’t stop myself from breakdown
I can’t be who once I’ve been


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