How you define it?

Different people

Different answer

People never be exactly the same

Even one person always changes their mind

Just like the water, we never be solid

We go, we grow

We learn, we change

Different life

Different value

I think when I grow up

I can finally figure it out

Now I am already an adult

But it’s still gloomy on my head

Maybe I ask for too much

Maybe I go in the wrong direction

Don’t know exactly why

But it doesn’t feel right

The pathway I walk on now


7 thoughts on “Different

  1. I´m starting to sound like Dr. Phil….. you said the pathways doesn´t feel right? (by the way very well written the hole poem) give it time and if you´re still not comfortable, reverse course! We can always influence the situations in front of us. Always.

    1. That’s good, Dr.Phil is awesome :). Thanks again for your support, Charly. I am just not sure, how much times it will take…but that’s okay, I’ll figure it out 🙂

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