Graduation Day

Graduation day

How you suppose to feel?

Should you be happy

That you finally complete your degree

Or should you worry

That you’ll get more responsibility

But whatever it is

Everything we’ve been through

Take us to the higher place

The lesson of experience

Better understanding of self


6 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Happy Happy !!! You just accomplished something quite big, finishing the university. Not a lot of people can say that, at least not me or even going to the university so I would be quite happy actually. And happy to take on the real world, real jobs, hard jobs, living in one bedroom apartment if lucky, or with roomates or whatever life throws at you. Take it with a smile and strenght. That´s my motto, did keep me surviving so does work.

    1. Hi Charly, long not see you. Glad to hear your thoughts and opinion and your motto of course! “Take it with a smile and strength” was my favorite part :). Welcome real world, now I’m trying to figure out how to get along well in this new stage 😀

      1. Long time yes, can´t spend as much time with wordpress I would like too. And yes, life will through at you really bad punches and you just have to suck it up and roll with them and keep your head up, never let people see you down, specially the ones who would like to see you down. It is hard to smile when things are going bad, but it can be done and eventually if you keep on smiling instead of a fake one it eventually will be a real one with time. Plus I´m quite certain you´re more than capable to deal with the real world.

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