Dark and Light

I lost in the wide rainy forest

There’s no clear path just a maze

Too dark, nothing I can do

Just lay down by the lake

All the time to reflect

But deal with the dark for too long

Is not a good idea at all

You can’t differ, the good from the bad

Can’t find the right path

You try to stand up, but then fall

Trapped by unseen things

Because it is too dark

You can’t see anything

So let’s go, move on to find the light

Don’t deal with the dark


8 thoughts on “Dark and Light

  1. …we need the right equipment to help us deal with such moments, both in this material world and those yet to be discovered worlds! Lovely words! 🙂 x

      1. To read the words of the wise, enlightened, to keep good company, to try to develop a clear, uncluttered mind, meditation, a positive attitude…. There is so much more… But life is to be enjoyed and embraced… And we have to be accepting of whatever comes along. We label things good or bad… I think they are just different degrees of straying from a place where our whole being…mind body and soul are in harmony with Nature, the Cosmos, with all that is. We are all seeking that Equilibrium, that Balance when we know that what we do, say etc “feels” just right! It is constantly work in progress… I read from many different sacred texts, different traditions, have met some very loving and humble spiritual folk, and at the moment my husband and I are seeking out the teachings of a very wise Sufi teacher and are embracing the traditions of the Ruhanjat Sufi movement. We are meeting some very special people along the way. I also play the organ in Christian churches… For me it is all one, I see no boundaries. But everyone has their own path own journey… What shimmers for one may not do so for another! Love and hugs and blessings, Krys 🌺 xx

      2. Oh…. thanks so much for your answers Krys! I am happy to read it, those were enlightened, really.. and give me some perspectives. I do agree with you. Love, hugs, and blessings too 🙂 -Dev-

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