Too quiet

Too cold

Watch the snow falls

From the window


Too empty

Too lonely

Don’t know what to do

I have no clue

But don’t you think

This is exciting?

I am free to do anything

No task to be done

No small talk anymore

I can play all day long

Exploring the mind

Expanding my horizon


2 thoughts on “Here

  1. This is just lovely…so refreshing! The feelings of freedom that this poem evokes are just SO exhilarating. Very well done! I constantly try to “get” myself into such a place in order to be able to just BE …no have to or need to do’s…just BE. Lovely…you have inspired my day…:) x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and your thought! 🙂 I am really, really happy you can connect with it and inspired by it… Have a great day my friend! 🙂

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