The Lie

Half sleep, half awake
I watch reflection on the lake
They said I am a liar
Am I?
Dream and reality
It’s just so blurry to me
I can’t tell if that’s a lie
I don’t know what to say
My mind is being sabotaged
I can’t think straight
I took the pill
But seems, I didn’t heal
Maybe, I am being eaten
By the lie, I made once
When I am trying to mend
I have to lie once again
I lie, I lie, I lie
Here and there
Until I become a liar
And don’t know where I stand
Suck up by the quicksand
I left in the big dark room
Almost fall, feel vulnerable
I should recover
Can I?
Would I?


6 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. Yeah, you will.
    A Nigeria proverb says ‘No matter how long a lie travels, the truth will meet up with it someday’. It is better to come clean now that you can, than wait till its a full blown lie that when the truth surface, it becomes another issue.

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