A Friend

I don’t ask much
Just small talk at lunch
But, seems I’ve been on the blacklist
News, everybody won’t miss
Including you
At night I can’t sleep
As time ticks, reality didn’t fade
It’s dark, but it’s good
You can deal with your mood
No one can see your tears
How ironic this shallow friendship
Now, whenever I walk in the hall
I am ignored like a germ
Though I try to stand tall
That strong wall still falls in the night
I want to run away and take the flight
But it doesn’t feel right
And all this grown up things
Sometimes just feel too exhausting


2 thoughts on “A Friend

  1. Hi,
    You making a good attempt to tame and capture your thoughts in words. There is something simple yet thought provoking in your writing. Wishing you good luck. Hope you will make a lot many good friends. 🙂

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