You’ve been out of town, there’s no phone call

I open the door, and the wind blows

Love letter with red rose

I read in this early morning

Can hear your voice

From your sweet handwriting

Our fight while playing the chess

Remind me how we used to kiss

Summer days and the breeze

Remind me about the tree house

As I finish reading your letter

I feel so much better

And I will wait you home

To pick the guitar

And be my star

Strum the string

And start to sing

The song for me, again

Come back home soon, darling


6 thoughts on “Letter

    1. Thanks 🙂 … I always feel that written letter is special and much more romantic than a phone call, especially letter with red rose 🙂

      1. Oh… yeah with ribbon, it makes the love letter be perfect. It must be so sweet and pleasing to have it all. I never really get one yet..

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