Dancing in September

The cold of the September comes

Feel the shiver in my heart

Can’t take this alone

Can’t bear the burden

It feels like something is missing

Make me hard to breathe

Feel the hollow in my heart

Feel the hunger in my mind

Something is missing

And it is really, really killing me

I don’t know what to do

If this is really real?

I don’t know how to live

Whenever I wake

I hit by the pain of missing

Or losing

Like I can’t go on

Like I can’t move on

So I will just let the memories guide me back to the past

Dancing in the September

First time our eyes ever met

Take my hand and swept off my feet

Take me in each step

Guide me with your movement

But then I opened my eyes

Realize, you are gone

Why not take me with your step

You go to home, leave me alone

Now I feel lost

You had taken my hand

But then let me fall

Now I feel like half alive

Memories keep playing in my head

I’d cried and screaming all day long

Hope it is not real and you’ll come back

So just let me dancing in the September at that time

Guide me with your step

Just keep holding my hand

Don’t let me live in the rain

Cause I can’t bear the pain


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