The Fragile Soul of A Girl

Just think about things you love
Maybe it will help vanished the pain you bear
The fragile soul of the youth
Shouldn’t be dying so soon
I know the girl who runs
And never stop till she get there
The spirit of the young
Imagination of the child
Is the treasure of the young
But the old has their treasure too
The wiser they get from the life
Everyone has their treasure

The lesson is everywhere
Maybe the freedom sometimes can be so illuminating you
But it won’t if you can define it
I see the hopeless soul of the little girl
The fragile soul that needed to be saved
But who will save her? No one. No one can be trusted

No one can be counted too
So I walk toward her and said
Just hold yourself a little bit longer
You could stand alone and strong
You need to keep your head up
And your back straight
So you can stand tall
Then your tiara won’t fall


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